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Copious Technology that is distributed, public and full stack. Copious World Technology Copious in the open world, now searches out distributed resources Copious Distributed Peers Copious technology for full stack IoT. Coding from hardware up to the user interface. Web Interfaces, native interfaces.We might use emscripten for Web Assembly. Or, perhaps QT. Copious usage of Peer 2 Peer shared infrastructure. Open Source, Linux, node.js, C++, Blockchain. Copious real time bounded intelligent decision making Copious Artificial Intelligence Copious goals. The hard problem to solve is the creationof adaptive and reactive systems with robotic flavor (if notactual robots). The hard problem is that many such agentsmay work in coordinated swarms.
Copious Systems was first established in name in 1989. Copious Systems More than a few Copious Systems companies started up. However, they were not affiliated. So, we are using a new URL. Copious World has always been at the crossroads of IoT and AI. Copious World Technology Copious World germinated as an idea in national labs such as the Jet Propulsion Labs and the Kennedy Space Center, wherereal time systems programming met AI more than once. Times have changed and the technologies for IoT and AI havebecome more accessible. The Copious World plan is to increasethe accessibility of these technology domains for people everywhere and for the common good. For health, agriculture, education and other peaceful pursuits we search for proceseswhich can be innovative clouds suitable for the aims of greenenergy consumption.
We are striving to help people get out of the box and think. Copious Deboxing Everywhere you go there is a box. Houses are boxes. Office buildings are boxesCubicles are boxesAnd, thoughts, too, turn into boxes after so much box exposure.Let's become the peer 2 peer shared world. Give peopleFreedom of Movement. IoT makes it possible. Resource sharing makes it possible.More and more, people can choose where to work, Whom to work for.Managing home base assets can be done from anywhere.Perhaps people will work while walking.Perhaps people will rediscover friendly conversationand good will between new acquaintances no matter what language is spoken. As our conversation grows, and our collaboration increases,humans will create machines to aid human to human interaction.
We are striving for more than a map of the universe. Copious Locating Maps for humanity Humans are physical beings. They take up spaces.And, when they are together in a physical space,they do more than communicate through a chatservice.Our location should provide us security and friendship.And, our shared resources must include our shared edges.Look for more on this topic.